This is tougher than it seems.

Is it sad that it’s harder for me to write about cooking than it is to cook?  Not because I can’t write, but it’s hard to justify why anyone I don’t know would read this.  Well, the first step of fixing that is to shut up and post some pictures!

I like cooking on Thursdays.  Kim is away all day, and I can cook all day without pressure.  And if it sucks, or I screw up, there’s always leftover chicken fingers or potato chips…preferably combining in some delicious way.  It’s nice to come home after sitting at my desk all day to simply be in my own head, single-mindedly set to preparing a recipe.

This past Thursday, after being distracted for a solid 2 hours after getting our professional wedding pictures back, I wanted something warm and creamy and comforting.  Something seasonal and local.  Roasted butternut squash soup it is.

This recipe has always given me problems, because I stink at judging how long it takes to roast a squash so it’s not rock-hard when you take it out of the oven.  Luckily, this time it seemed to work – about 40 minutes.  But if it’s still hard when you poke it with a fork after 40, shove that sucker back into the oven until soft and squishy.  And there’s nothing like sitting down and looking into a bowl of the most gorgeous orange color you have ever seen.  The creaminess of the soup is also because you puree it – there’s no actual cream in it, which makes me feel better when I have more than a bowl of it.  Which I always do.

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