Ahhh, a distraction.

It’s both comforting and annoying that I get distracted so easily, as it seems like the only time I write in my diary or post something is when I should definitely be doing something else.  Hence the, oh, 6 month gap between posts.

Spring has sprung, or at least the weather in New Jersey went from vague-ish-ly spring-ish to full-blown summer weather (Helloooo 95 and humid!).  And as much as I hate summer, I’m looking forward to my garden.  Yes, I am once again attempting the impossible – growing things in a garden that I’m convinced has only clay for soil and competing with my groundhog arch-enemy.  This is the time that I can certainly tell I am my father’s daughter… I get the most satisfaction possible from looking at my own handiwork at the end.  Standing there in the humidity puffing and panting, but being able to see that I successfully turned over all soil in my little 8 by 8 patch of land, almost made me forget how exhausted I was.  Between putting plants in the earth, rediscovering my poor blog, and my second niece being born this week, I’m feeling good.

Life is full of possibilities right now.

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