Coolest. Thing. Ever.

My first blog entry for Edible Jersey’s Festival of Farmer’s Markets was published!  I went to the Caldwell market on a Friday when it was pouring, and there was only one determined farm there.  Here’s my entry, which can also be found at Edible Jersey’s website/blog.

Even Rain-Soaked, Jersey Produce Looks Good
at the Caldwell Market

Friday, July 8, 2011

You know a farm is dedicated when they’re willing to drive more than an hour to provide Essex County with a bounty of Jersey Fresh produce when it’s raining some serious cats and dogs outside. At the Caldwell Farmers Market, Hackettstown-based Iona Hill Farm was the lone stand open on this soggy Friday, which usually has 11 vendors offering edibles ranging from Hoboken Farm’s mozzarella to Jaker’s Pickles.

At the Iona Hill stand, handwritten chalkboards hanging above the produce were slightly misted by the 100% humidity also hanging in the air, but the healthy fresh colors of their fruits and vegetables definitely brightened the day. The fourth-generation farm has offered their variety of vegetables and fruits at the market for about three years, and claims that this is their best market of the five they participate in. And you know their stuff is good when you can smell the heavenly scent that is fresh garlic despite the rain’s attempt to whisk it away. As I was about to leave, I pulled some cash from my pocketand purchased a few bulbs– it would have been a shame to not pick up Jersey produce this good.

I’m working on the next one on the Nutley market.  It was so awesome to actually get to talk to people.  I’m an awkward person all-around, so I was always hesitant to ask farmers too many details about what they do, fearing they would get impatient with me for asking so many questions, or some other paranoid thought.  But now, I just open with “Hi, I’m blogging for Edible Jersey, can I talk to you?” and they just start talking.  Everyone was so nice, and it was great to see so many different vendors at different stages of development – from a month-old cookie company to the well-established Hoboken Farms.  Stay tuned for my next Edible Jersey blog!! 🙂

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