Why I like cooking.

I would like to think that my job lends me some unique perspective on the world of food.  And as much as I would like to lie and say that I’ve been passionate about food since I was eating pureed peas, that just ain’t the case.  I fell into my job as a Food Industry Reporter at a non-profit company in Jersey randomly after finding it on Monster after college, and the only reason I took it at first was, “Sure, I like food.”

The first thing that really caught my attention at the job was when I got stuck writing about the various food recalls from USDA for the weekly report we sent out.  Trust me when I say that after seeing the 15th recall for alfalfa sprouts because of salmonella contamination or the third recall of ground beef in a month because of “foreign materials,” it starts making you think about what you put in your mouth day after day.  I’m sure most people have heard about the huge egg recall that was in the news a few weeks ago, but trust me when I say that for each one the general public hears of, there’s at least 30 that you don’t.  But I’m not saying this to scare you.  Seriously.

One thing that I do see at work that makes me feel better is the amount of articles and reports coming out that show how more people are cooking at home or are patronizing restaurants and retailers that emphasize positive, sustainable and healthy foods.  Food should not only be healthy for the people consuming it, but for the people growing it and selling it as well.

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Nom nom nom.

Well then.  World, meet Meg.  Meg, meet world.

I like food.  Plain and simple.  I’m a big believer in food being something that everyone can connect over, and I love that no matter what mood you’re in, there’s a food that is perfect for it.  While some may consider me a food snob, I would prefer the term “food enthusist.”  I’ll be the first to admit that I am not above the occasional fast food trip… sometimes, you’re just in the mood for mindless, tasty crap food.

The title of the blog is, hopefully, self-explanatory – but for several reasons.  The Slow Food movement hopes to, and I quote, “reconnect Americans with the people, traditions, plants, animals, fertile soils and waters that produce our food.”  Which is something I can totally stand behind; it’s easy to forget that our food was a whole plant or animal at some point (at least I hope so), and I think it benefits all in the food chain to just be more aware of what’s going on around us.  The second reason, for anyone who has had the experience of eating with me, is that I eat as slow as molasses.  Not to savor my food, although that’s what I tell people, but because I just seem physically unable to wolf food down.  I dunno, I just run with it.

I hope to use this blog in the future as just a place to explore the food I encounter on my way through life.  With the gracious patience of my now-husband Kim, who tries all of my weird flavor experiments with a smile and an “It’s good, I swear!”, I like to consider myself an amateur cook, gardener, and critic.  And hopefully all 3 with a sense of humor.  Also, being a newly wed, I have tons of new kitchen shit to play with.  I can’t wait.

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